Flora Ching – 65km Formosa Trail 2017 Female Champion

  1. Where are you from and where do you call home these days?
    • I am from Hong Kong, I am still unsure where home is,Vancouver and HK, both.
  2. How does the terrain in TW compare to that of HK?
    • I love the terrain in TW a lot more, natural, raw, unlike HK which has a lot of stairs and concrete..
  3. What was your race strategy for the 65k of Formosa Trail?
    • Start slow, take it easy on the first big climb , then pace myself and push at the end.
  4. What was your favorite part about Formosa Trail?
    • Technical, the continuous long climb which HK seem to be lacking . And of course the raw and natural trails
  5. On a scale of 1-10 how tough was Formosa Trail? Was there any specific part of the course that you thought was the toughest?
    • I would give it a 6, given I only did 65k. The steep long climb is quite tough for me since I am not used to it.
  6. Any tips for Taiwanese runners who want to race ultras in HK?
    • Practice stairs, long stair.
  7. Any tips for Honk Kong runners who want to race in Taiwan Beast Runners events?
    • Be prepare for the technical parts, steep climb. And expect some stream crossing , using the ropes for the climb.
  8. How long have you been a trail runner?
    • 4 years
  9. What is your nutrition strategy during racing and in daily life?
    • During race, I like hammer powder, gels, and Tailwind . Daily life wise, I eat healthy, I consume boiled eggs, avocado, lotsa fruits. I make myself soy protein shakes mixed with black sesame, chia seeds and honey with a bit of water and milk. I drink this before my morning workout.


  • Wing Yee Flora Ching
  • 65km Formosa Trail 2017 Female Champion (10:51:13)
  • The Beast Trail 2017 – 50Km Of Wild Boar 2nd (12:27:14 )
  • UTMB® finisher (50th woman 39:08:42)